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The Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative

The Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative

League Position

The San Jose/Santa Clara League strongly opposes this upcoming inititive.

This initiative has both a citywide policy and a project component. It establishes Senior Housing as a separate land use designation and separate overlay to the current GP 2040 coupled with a process to apply the overlay on underutilized employment lands. As such this designation will exempt all new Sr. Housing from:

  • Building on or establishing new transit hubs and walkable communities
  • Prohibiting gated communities that restrict public connectivity to city streets
  • Housing density requirements
  • Building outside of "identified growth areas"
  • Restrictions against residential development on land zoned as light industrial
  • Mandated developer paid traffic mitigation improvements

The measure allows any future "Sr. Housing" development within the city limits to be permanently exempt from these planning requirements. Additionally, it will permanently allow for the General Plan to be amended via voter initiative. It defines Sr. Housing as 55+ and allows for a percentage of "affordable" housing for sale or rent at the original sales stage of the development but not after. It alludes to veteran's housing but does not indicate how this preference will be managed. The project component adopts a specific plan for housing on 200 acre site currently zoned as an Industrial Park. If approved by the voters the City may not alter it for 10 years.


Housing: Support of measures to provide state programs to increase the supply of safe, decent, and adequate housing for all Californians. Support for action at all levels of government for the provision of affordable housing for all Californians. State and Local Finances: State position encourages support of measures that ensure revenues sufficient enough to meet changing needs for local government services.

Land Use: Local land use planning should be utilized as a means to determine how local communities should change and develop. General plans should be used as a basis for zoning and other planning decisions at the local level. Land use decisions should relate to and protect the over all quality of the environment. In land use planning and regulation, government must provide for involvement of citizens in the earliest planning and regulatory stages and throughout the process adequate funding of the public information process, and development of mechanisms to minimize conflict of interest on the part of persons who make land use decisions. The San Jose/Santa Clara League fully supports GP 2040 for the city of San Jose.

Additionally the San Jose/Santa Clara league supports:

  • No changes in land use designations without community input
  • Resistance to urban sprawl
  • Balanced employment and residential land use
  • Mixed use PUDs
  • Voter input and transparency regarding zoning changes
  • Land Use policies that "attain and maintain a sound economic base"

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